Back to school!

Tomorrow many children go back to school. It also marks the day when most parents give a sigh of relief! If that’s you, then ask yourself how much time have you had to think about yourself?

The summer is often a time to reflect on our lives, especially if we’ve had the opportunity to lay on a beach and ponder! So what did you decide? Did you achieved what you set out to do last year? Have you achieved any of your new year’s resolutions?

Regardless, let’s set three new habits, starting now:

  1. Be more positive – a positive outlook can add years to your life and makes you more appealing to others
  2. Put you first – all to often we put others thoughts and feelings before ourselves, at time that’s to be expected. But placing yourself in that position too often is draining, both physically and mentally. How are you going to help others if you are on your knees?
  3. Get out more – changing our environment can bring benefits to both mind and body. And being with others can make us appreciate what we have.

Of course you may choose to follow other new habits, but these three are good place to start. Let me know how you get on.

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