Peppa Pigs Big Sister

Last night I was in Leeds to see a Freya Ridings Concert, she’s not my usual choice but my wife is a fan.

Following the warm up act I overheard a rather one sided converstaion between the group of people next to me. It went something like this:

“I can always tell when somebody is going to be S#!T. I can just tell. I manage 37 people in a nursing home and if anybody doesn’t measure up I get rid of them.”

“I can just tell”

“What I do is manage them out, I make it so difficut for them that they make a mistake and then I get rid of them”

“I can just tell”

So, my question is this, how can she “just tell”?

No mention of support, discussions, coaching, target setting, training, motivation, home life. Or any other mechanism that a good manger would consider useing, because, she could “just tell”.

In these situations what is happening is we are surrounding ourselves with people who are like us. People who we believe reflect ourselves. It’s a combination of cognitive ease, confirmation bias and the endowment effect. If you would like to know more about these let me know.

In the meantime consider this, would you want to work for this person? Indeed, would your employees like to work for this person? Are you this person? How do you know?

And Peppa Pigs big sister, I’ll let you work that out. Comment below what you think the relationship is.

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