So, what is frog boiling?

You may have heard the story about what happens to a frog in boiling water? If not then let me tell you it. The story goes that if a frog is taken from its comfortable forest surroundings and placed into a pan of boiling water, it will, of course jump straight out.

However, if you take a similar frog and place it in a cold pan of water it will simply swim about happily. Now, if the heat is turned on and the water allowed to warm up slowly the frog will continue to swim. Turn the heat up and up and up and the frog will swim until it expires, making no attempt to leave the now boiling water.

That’s the story, but its not real, its just a story that has been told so many times that we have begun to believe it.

So why do you stay put when the heat upon you is getting turned up and up.

Go on, be cleverer than a little croaker and see why you need me to help you stop boiling your frog by clicking here.

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