Top five time savers

We all get the same number of hours in a week, but have you ever looked at others and wondered how they manage to cram so much in?

Well, we can all do five simple things to get back more time.

  1. Write a list: This is by far the easiest and quickest way to recover time. A list helps us focus on what is important, it stops us meandering off course and helps to prevent time wasting.
  2. Write a list: No, I’m not repeating myself. Write a list of everything that gets in the way of you completing your tasks. Those people that interrupt you. Those things that distract you. Those things that you do to distract yourself. Then, decide, one by one, what you will do to eliminate or reduce each.
  3. Delegate: do you really need to do everything? What could you pass to somebody else. What could you pass to colleagues, your partner your kids. If they can do it 80% as good as you then what stops you passing it over, is that 20% so important?
  4. Just say “No” : have you been delegated to? Do you have time to do the new task? If yes, then all is well and whoever delegated will be pleased that you are helping out and is likely to return the favour in the future. But if not, then they will respect you for your honesty.
  5. Do less: go back to your list from step 1, is everything absolutely necessary? You shouldn’t feel guilty for dropping some tasks if you can.

I hope these steps help, but above all make sure that you make time for yourself. Take a look at the post about our 3rd place.

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